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Epic Pen 3.11

Enables simulated pen drawing on computer displays
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Draw objects and lines with a digital ink pen on the screen regardless of the open applications and running processes. The utility enables the recognition of the display area as a whiteboard and supports a highlighter, eraser, screenshot grabber, and keyboard shortcuts.

Epic Pen is the type of Windows tools that help you enhance your presentations by drawing or writing over any running program from your screen. It might come in handy when teaching or holding business meetings as it provides you with tools to easily annotate anything that's being displayed on your monitor.

Its small interface can be moved anywhere on your desktop and you can even shrink it when needed. All of the built-in annotation tools are nicely listed on the main window. You can use the Pointer utility to indicate elements from your presentation, the Pen to draw over a certain area, and the Erase to eliminate annotations.

The program also gives you access to options to undo certain actions and to clean up your screen (remove all annotations).

Another great aspect is that you can define various shortcut keys to immediately complete Epic Pen-related tasks. For example, you can set a global hotkey for immediately taking a snapshot.

Several things bothered me about Epic Pen. For starters, there were a couple of features I wasn't able to check while testing the program, like the ability to use the Line tool or to write text. You need to upgrade the tool to its Pro edition to get access to the aforementioned features.

Another disadvantage is that the utility supports only one output format when exporting screenshots: PNG. Furthermore, Epic Pen lacks the option to take snapshots of certain areas or windows from your screen. Instead, you can only take fullscreen snapshots.

Still, the aforementioned flaws aren't crucial and the program works great and doesn't slow down other running tools. I'd say it's worth giving Epic Pen a shot.

Ashley Griggs
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Review summary


  • Take screenshots
  • You can define various shortcut keys
  • Undo as many actions as you like
  • Doesn't slow down other running tools
  • You can draw over any running tool


  • Exports screenshots to only one image format (PNG)
  • Doesn't bring you an option to take snapshots of certain screen areas
  • Some features can't be tested for free
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